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About Us

We’re a coalition uniting to put a measure on the 2024 ballot that allows voters to choose a better future for San Diego County than just more LA-style traffic, smog and congestion.

We are unions and businesses.  Environmental leaders and transportation experts.  Above all, we’re San Diegans who care deeply about keeping our hometown safe, livable and thriving.

The time is now – without this measure, our region will experience even more traffic, gridlock and smog as San Diego’s populations grows and the number of cars increase.

Together, we can help provide the essential transportation improvements that will make life better for San Diego County residents now:

  • Getting more cars off the road by expanding the transit system
  • Making our existing roads and highways safer and more efficient.
  • Fixing aging bridges, local roads and rail lines in danger of collapse
  • Reducing air pollution to protect our environment and quality of life

Vote YES for Traffic Relief. Transit. Jobs.


What transportation improvements will the measure include?

This measure is focused on specific transportation improvements that will make commutes easier for all of San Diego County.  That includes expanded transit with a rail connection to the Airport, improved service on trolleys and buses, and affordable fares for seniors, students and the disabled.  There’s funding for road repairs and safety in every community in the County.  And critical safety upgrades to fix aging bridges and rail lines in danger of collapse.

How will this measure work?

This measure’s funding is guaranteed to go directly to San Diego County transportation priorities – and nothing else. The funds go directly into a special account politicians can’t touch and if elected officials misuse the funds, they will be subject to criminal penalties.  Yearly audits and a citizens’ taxpayer oversight committee will ensure the measure delivers as voters intend.

What’s the process for getting the measure on the ballot?

This measure is a citizens’ initiative, which means the people, not the politicians, are putting it on the ballot.  We’ll be running a grassroots petition drive in every part of San Diego County to collect the signatures needed to get the measure on the November 2024 ballot.

Who’s the coalition supporting the measure?

Our growing coalition includes San Diego’s Electrical Workers, Laborers and Carpenters unions.  We’re joined by transit engineering and infrastructure experts HNTB and Flatiron.  Our founding environmental partners are San Diego’s Climate Action Campaign, SD 350, and the Environmental Health Coalition.

To join the coalition, please email [email protected].

To read the full text of the measure, click here.

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